I currently live in Green Bay, where I am an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin and an amateur fan of the Packers. For the last few years I taught as a visiting faculty member at Georgetown and Duke Universities. In D.C. I mastered roundabouts and museums, and in Durham I learned the difference between tomato-, mustard- and vinegar-based barbecue. Before that I earned my PhD in Government from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, after many hard-fought long winters.

I care deeply about prison education and restorative justice, unionization and egalitarian approaches to teaching. I also like wordplay and dry humor.

While not studying political theory, I enjoy guitar, hiking, video game criticism, comedy podcasts, building computers, and learning more about beer and bourbon. I am also unironically a big fan of bird watching and birds in general. Now that I’ve upgraded to a mirrorless camera, I’m also working on the basics of nature photography (which often means photographing my cat). A few of my favorite shots are below.