As a political theorist, I study the history of American political thought with a particular focus on literature and the politics of personal experience. I’m interested in social movements and thinkers that appeal to personal experience as a form of political representation, through authors like Benjamin Franklin, Frederick Douglass, and Emma Goldman. Although my current project focuses on autobiography, I also write on genres such as slave narrative, confession, and prison writing. I’ve been fortunate to have my work published in Political Theory and soon in American Political Thought.

I am currently an assistant teaching professor in the Department of Government at Georgetown University. For the last two years I’ve been a postdoctoral fellow at Duke University’s Program in American Values and Institutions, and before that I earned my degree from Cornell University in the Department of Government. Between the three, I’ve learned to love just about every climate the east coast can offer!

This humble website should provide you information on my research and teaching interests. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries; thanks for visiting!